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We offer weekly group courses, casual classes, one-to-one private tuition, shared private tuition and conversation classes—in person and online. When you contact us, we can discuss our range of courses and study options, your level and your learning goals to help you choose the best course for you.


Weekly group classes are ideal for those who enjoy the social aspects of learning, wish to immerse themselves in a hobby or intellectual pursuit, or are intending to travel in the future. 

We limit classes to between 2 to 8 students. This creates a low-stress environment to enhance your learning, and practice your speaking skills. By the end of your course, you will be delighted by how much you have learnt, and how quickly your skills have improved.

Courses for adults run continuously all year round so you can continue for as long as you like, and if you take a break at the end of your course, you can rejoin without having to wait for a new term to begin.

Courses for children run for 1 hour each week, and take semester breaks similar to the school year.

What students are saying …

“Very quaint but good for small groups! Fun and renewed my love and skills of French language. The games with cards/verb learning with Nathalie were fun and actually really helped my verb skills! Nathalie is an excellent teacher and fun!” — Lauren A, French student

“I gained more confidence to try to speak Italian. I enjoyed the classes a lot ... the audio CD and the video. I love movie nights.” — Lisa MCB, Italian student

“I am now confident in my basic Spanish and would be happy to continue learning Spanish. It was a very engaging, interactive course. I learnt a lot.” — Emily H, Spanish student

“It was really fun and inclusive. It was a great learning environment.” — Meagan B, German student

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Private tuition allows you to learn at your own pace. It’s perfect for addressing specific needs, whether it’s vocabulary, syntax, comprehension or listening and speaking skills.

Lessons can be taken at our classroom in Mornington, online, or at your home.

Private tuition is ideal for school-aged children and teenagers. Students will benefit from individualized attention and will be able to focus all their attention on the lesson, which helps them learn quickly and consolidate their learning.

Lessons can be shared with a friend or family member. Many families take advantage of shared lessons so their children can learn together and benefit from reduced fees for each child.

What parents are saying …

“Nathalie has been tutoring our older two children in French for about 8 weeks now. Being French-born, Nathalie speaks the language beautifully, and she creates a fun immersive environment for the children to learn quickly and easily. Her patience and kindness with the children is wonderful, and she has been adept at keeping them both focussed even though our son's French is more developed than our daughter's. The children have just started their second term with Nathalie, and we are already looking forward to seeing the children's second language develop and grow even more.” — Katherine D, Parent of French students

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Conversation classes are a great way for intermediate and advanced students to practice their language skills. Students can discuss a variety of topics of interest guided by their teacher. During the class you can talk about Popular Culture, Film, Travel, Fashion, Cuisine, Current Affairs, Geography, History, Art History, Literature, Architecture, Culture or Traditions. All ideas are welcome!

Conversation classes run for one hour and require at least one student to proceed. You can schedule your learning as you like. Weekly fortnightly or monthly. It’s totally up to you.

What students are saying …

"I started my English classes with Aidan to correct my pronunciation, improve my English and also to gain self-confidence and to correct little mistakes that I do being not a native English speaker. I really love my classes with him. He has all weeks a good subject prepared for to have a good conversation, with the added bonus of our Trivial Questions. Later in the day he send me an audio with the words that I need to correct, and exercises, extra videos for better comprehension and whatever I need to do my best. I appreciate his effort to be professional and at the same time conduct a fun and easy class." — Diana P. English Conversation course with Aidan 2021

For more information, and to book your free level assessment, call Diana on 0401 332 230.

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