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Mornington Peninsula Language and Culture Studies

Language Course Testimonials

Good location! Small class sizes were beneficial. Thanks Diana for the classes were very engaging, using relevant examples and games. I've gained from the course motivation to continue to learn Spanish. 

Chloe J. - Spanish Course 2019

Federica is wonderful. Isabella absolutely adores her. After Isabella’s first lesson she came out to the car and could not stop talking about how much she enjoyed her lesson. In her words “ I have never enjoyed and wanted to learn something so much in my life”. So grateful that we got to meet you and Federica and that you have been able to give this opportunity to Isabella. Isabella knows she has a long way to go but is thoroughly enjoying every bit of her lessons... she’s practicing every night! This is exactly what she needed she said learning one on one she has learnt so much and it’s making more sense to her.

Sharon C. - Private Italian Course with Federica 2018

Giulia is a young Italian languages Graduate who displayed confidence and knowledge in teaching us Italian. She was warm and friendly and showed respect and humour towards all the participants who like me, are mature aged and enthusiastic to learn. She was encouraging and challenged us. Fantastico!

Jeanette H. - Italian Course with Giulia 2019

I gained more confidence to try to speak Italian. I enjoyed the classes a lot, the audio cd and the video. I love the movie nights.

Lisa MCB. - Italian Course with Federica 2018

Very satisfied. I've learned much more than I expected. Great intro to basic grammar and verb conjugation. Federica is a great teacher, she explains difficult grammatical concepts clearly, obviously she knows her stuff!

Jacqui D. - Italian Course with Federica

I have gained basic Italian skills. Federica is very dedicated and inspires me to do a lot better.

Helen F. - Italian Course with Federica 2018

I gained a basic understanding of Spanish, everything was explained very well. Fede was very thorough exercised, her vast knowledge of multiple languages.

Jackson J. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

Very quaint but good for small groups! Fun and renewed my love and skills of French language. The games with cards/verb learning with Nathalie were fun and actually really helped my verb skills! Nathalie is an excellent teacher and fun!

Lauren A. - French Course with Nathalie 2018

I have learnt some basic grammar and concepts that the English language doesn't have. Fede has been great and has a better knowledge of English than me. Very smart lady. Very happy with my experience so far.

Victoria C. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

Miriam is an excellent teacher. She goes over and above to explain things clearer, she is very organised and ethic.

Robyn A. - German Course with Miriam 2018

Federica is a well respected teacher at the MPLCS. She has a pleasant and engaging personality and the ability to explain, with clarity and patience, the many aspects of Italian Grammar to enable her students to attain a proficiency in the Italian Language.

Adrian T. - Italian Course with Federica 2018

We have a well balanced group who work solidly and have fun. My knowledge is expanding and now working on grammar, we will extend quickly. I wish to continue for quite some time.

Jenny H. - German Course with Alena 2018

I'm keen to learn more. I'm even more excited about going to Spain. Fede makes the learning fun, not humiliating!

Alisdair S. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

Alena is the best German teacher we ever had.

Robert C. - German Course with Alena 2018

It's a great place for learning, my Spanish is getting better. Fede is a great teacher!

Paul S. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

You are the best teacher ever!!

O. L. - French Course for Children with Nathalie 2018

Very well organised with a wonderful and talented teacher!

Harris G. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

My comprehension is greater, as well as written technical range. The games add enjoyable way to go beyond just language.

P. E. - Italian Course with Federica 2018

Very satisfied, have engaged brain to do more thinking. Have recalled prior learning and increased vocabulary. Very happy with small group. We cover a lot of work in each session but plenty of interaction regarding customs and culture. I intend to continue long term.

Jenny H. - German Course with Alena 2018

I can now have the confidence to ask people for thing in Spanish. This is an extremely helpful course. Fede was amazing and very inspiring!

Emily H. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

Fede is a fantastica profesora!

John A. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

I understood French very well but speaking it was problematic. I had problems with grammar.

I have accessed a lot of words I forgot and learned grammar for the first time.

The group is at the same level and we have fun. Remi, our teacher is the best language teacher I've had.

Monique X. - French Course with Remi 2018

Enthusiastic, supportive teacher.

Great learning environment!

Eliza B. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

Both Barbara and Federica are engaging and entertaining tutors.

Sharyn A. - Italian Course with Barbara and Federica 2018

I am now confident in my basic Spanish and would be happy to continue learning Spanish.

It was a very engaging, interactive course. I learnt a lot.

Emily H. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

It was really fun and inclusive. It was a great learning environment.

Meagan B. - German Course with Alena 2018

I gained basic Spanish skills that I can easily build on in future lessons.

Federica is a brilliant teacher and is very engaging, I have really enjoyed being a part of this course.

Maddy MC. - Spanish Course with Fede 2018

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class yesterday – the course is interesting and I’m sure I will learn lots and be just that little bit confident with speaking when in Italy later this year. The group of ladies are very nice too, so look forward to each lesson.

Joanne MC. - Italian Course with Federica 2019

Nathalie has been tutoring our older two children in French for about 8 weeks now. Being French-born, Nathalie speaks the language beautifully and she creates a fun immersive environment for the children to learn quickly and easily. Her patience and kindness with the children is wonderful, and she has been adept at keeping them both focussed even though our son's French is more developed than our daughter's. The children have just started their second term with Nathalie, and we are already looking forward to seeing the children's second language develop and grow even more.

Katherine D. - French Course with Nathalie 2018